Vinyyli LP; Hans Theessink- 70 BIRTHDAY BASH

Vinyyli LP, 

180 g

41,90 €


On 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th April 2018 Hans Theessink recorded his legendary Birthday Bash concerts at the Metropol in Vienna. Fans and musical friends came from all over Europe and North America to celebrate Hans' 70th birthday. The atmosphere was splendid and the performers took us on a marvelous musical journey. This 180 gram vinyl LP is a unique Birthday Bash document full of great moments and unusual sessions.

1 Stormwarning

2 Honest I Do

3 Vicksburg Is My Home

4 Set Me Free

5 Running Home

6 Leaving At Daybreak

7 Old Man Trouble

8 If I Needed You

9 Slow Train


Audiophile pressing

180 gr. Virgin Vinyl

Natural ambient sound, no reverb effects

No overdubs

Recorded in Austria