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As an adjunct to Europe's premier loudspeaker design consultancy, we at FinkTeam create many speakers across a wide range of markets and prices. Loudspeaker manufacturers hire us because of our expertise, experience and extremely well-equipped simulation and measurement facilities. But we are the backroom boys, and so much of our work is confidential. Only if the client elects to mention our involvement are we credited.

When we began, in 2014, designing a loudspeaker for ourselves, we envisaged it to demonstrate our capabilities and as an internal reference. There was no intention that it would go on sale. We are loudspeaker engineers, not loudspeaker manufacturers – at least, not then.

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Novafidelity, known to the world outside the UK as Cocktail Audio, is a range of streaming based products made by Novotron Co, Ltd. - a company focused on creating high quality multimedia players that deliver innovation and performance to consumers since 2003. 

Their extensive product range consists of pure digital music servers, streamers, player/DACs and all-in-one music players with built-in amplifiers, and each model offers various functions including CD ripping, network streaming and digital recording, alongside support for Native DSD, MQA, Roon Ready integration and major music stream services.

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