PMC Prodigy 1 -jalustakaiutin


PMC- uutuus edullisempaan hintaluokkaan.

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Etumaski ja jalustat erikseen myytävänä, ei sis, hintaan.

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Our smaller prodigy loudspeaker is a supreme compact standmount/bookshelf design, ideal for small to medium-sized rooms, yet capable of a rich, dynamic sound from a diminutive form.

It's easy to see and hear that it's closely related to our compact nearfield monitors, a reference in recording and broadcast facilities worldwide: the prodigy1 is more than capable of resolving detail that puts you in touch with the original performance – no matter the size.

The sweet, open top end and natural midrange brings you vivid vocals and instrumental timbres, with a wide, focused soundstage and nimble, cohesive presentation to draw you into the music and make you smile. And small though the speaker may be, it still contains a full-size Advanced Transmission Line and our Laminair technology, that delivers deep, fast, hard-hitting bass.

The smooth silk black finish will suit any room, with optional sculpted grilles available if required, and the prodigy1 has been designed to match well with everything from modest amplification to high-end, high-power systems.

The prodigy1 offers exceptional clarity while taking up minimal space and can be used on a stand or furniture. Good quality high-mass stands are the solution to realise their optimum performance as they will position them at the ideal height and provide improved stability.

Tekniset tiedot:

Väri: silkki musta
Jakotaajuus: 1,7kHz
Mitat (L x K x S): 162 x 320 x 237 mm
Elementit: basso: LF PMC 5.25"/133mm natural fibre long-throw LT™
diskantti: F PMC 27mm /1" soft dome
ATL™ pituus: 1,91m
Taajuusvaste: 35Hz – 25kHz
Impedanssi: 6 Ohmia
Herkkyys: 87,5dB 1W 1m
Paino: 4.5 kg/per