iFi Go Bar Kensei


Uudessa iFi Audion Kensei:ssä on ensimmäisenä kannettavassa Kuulokevahvistin /DAC:ssa tuki K2HD tekniikalle.

459,00 €

               The Ultimate GO bar.

           Just as a Kensei deserves an exceptional blade, an audiophile deserves an exceptional DAC.

Key features of the IFI GO Bar Kensei include:

● World's first ultraportable DAC with K2HD Technology

● Four digital filters: Bit-Perfect, GTO, Standard, and Minimum Phase

● Two expert analogue processing modes: XBass+ for accurate bass response and XSpace for a spacious sound field

● Enhanced clock and power supply circuitry

● Up to 477mW of continuous power

● Various output modes tailored for high sensitivity headphones/IEMs

● Crafted from Japanese Stainless Steel

Forged for Masters of Audio.

GO bar Kensei is akin to a legendary sword meticulously forged for a Kensei. Embodying the dedication of a master swordsmith, we focused on purity, balance, and refinement to reveal the true essence of your music.

Featuring cutting-edge Japanese audio processing technology: K2HD, and improved power supply and clock circuitry, the Kensei represents the pinnacle of our journey of refinement in the GO bar range.

Whether you're commuting, working remotely, or traveling for pleasure, the GO bar Kensei offers a perfectly portable solution to elevate your headphone experience to heavenly heights.

Kensei is a Japanese term that translates to "Sword Saint" in English, a title granted to the elite few who elevate the craft and artistry of swordsmanship beyond even that of the finest swordmasters.

Revitalise studio recording sound with legendary K2HD.

Despite their pristine clarity, digital recordings sometimes seem emotionally flat and lifeless.

Engineers at the prestigious Victor Studio, troubled by the discernible lack of emotion between their original masters and digital sub-masters, embarked on a quest for a solution.​

They meticulously compared countless finished recordings with the copy recordings by ear, relying on their instinctive feel and their human expertise.​

Their solution; K2 Technology*.​

The K2 Technology process revives rich, natural harmonics into the sterile, detached digital sound, adding an organic quality unlike any other.​

K2 Technology processing revitalises the studio recording sound, infusing it with life once again.​

*Read our Tech Note for more information.

"K2 Technology" and "K2HD" are registered trademarks of JVCKENWOOD Corporation.​

Cut the Crosstalk.

Connect to the GO bar Kensei via 3.5mm S-Balanced or 4.4mm Balanced headphone outputs.

iFi's exclusive 3.5mm S-Balanced* technology cuts crosstalk and noise by 50% with regular single-ended headphones.

*Read FAQ for more information.

Tailored. Sweet Sound.

Listen the way you like with four bespoke digital filters and two analogue processing modes, each tailored to enhance your enjoyment across different music genres.

  • Bit-Perfect: Delivers natural tones, ideal for all genres.
  • GTO: Enhances sound details and density, particularly suited for Vocal tracks.
  • Minimum Phase: Produces a warmer sound, blending characteristics of Bit-Perfect and Standard, perfect for Soul and Jazz.
  • Standard: Offers a tighter sound with controlled highs, perfect for Pop music and Movie OST.

Experience chest-thumping bass with XBass+ and immerse yourself in a spacious sound field with XSpace.

Advanced chip. Accurate clock.

The DAC section of the GO bar Kensei uses a powerful 16-core XMOS micro controller to process the audio data received at the USB input. Our in-house team has programmed the XMOS firmware to optimise sound quality and ensure a perfect partnership with the 32-bit Cirrus Logic DAC chipset.

A customised digital filter minimises pre-echoes and ringing artefacts. Our GMT (Global Master Timing) precision clock system ensures ultra-low jitter.

Supports higher-than-streaming audio formats:

  • PCM up to 32-bit/384kHz ​
  • Native DSD playback up to DSD256​
  • 2x DXD
  • Full MQA decoding