Velodyne Deep Blue DB-15 aktiivisubwoofer

Velodynen uuden Deep Blue-subbarisarjan suurin ja suorituskykyisin. 15-tuumaisella elementillä ryyditetty järeä murisija. Suljettuun koteloon tehty tarkka ja nopea-ääninen tukevassa kotelossa.

Pitkäiskuinen, uusi elementti. 450W RMS (1000W musiikki) vahvistin. Tukeva kotelorakenne.Monipuoliset liitäntä- ja säätömahdollisuudet, mm. portaattomasti säädettävä vaihe.

Musta. Saatavissa myös koot 8″ 790€ , 10″ 990€ ja 12″ 1190€

1 690,00 €


Available in 8", 10", 12" and 15" these new DB subwoofer lineup is the predecessor of the successful SPL I series, a very small form factor closed box design.

The completely new rigidly braced MDF closed box design with a front firing woofer for impacting performance without any noise from the cabinet. Due to this small form factor it is easy to integrate into you listening set up. A high excursion driver with massive dual ferrite magnet and optimized internal motor technology, using a 4 layer voice coil for maximum output with extremely low distortion, following the Velodyne Acoustics design principles. Superior bass quality, for a deeper, more accurate bass performance. Line-level and speaker-level inputs let you connect this sub to just about any home audio system.

You can use the variable crossover and phase control to fine-tune the sub's output, so the bass will blend in perfectly with the mids and highs coming from your main speakers, tailor the sub's low-frequency response to the acoustics of your room.

  • Deep Blue DB-15 tekniset tiedot:
  • Woofer: 15-inch high excursion, double vented basket driver with PP inforced Membrane. Four Layer 3-inch / 75mm voicecoil
  • Frequency Response: 13 - 200 Hz (overall), 23 - 120 Hz (± 3dB)
  • Amplifier Class A/B: 1000 watts dynamic, 450 watts RMS power
  • Low Pass Crossover: 50 Hz to 180 Hz (12 dB/Octave)
  • Input: Gold Plated Line in Stereo RCA, LFE in, Nickel Plated Highlevel
  • Output: Gold plated LFE /RCA
  • Dimensions WxHxD mm: 42,5 x 44,5 x 48,8 cm, Weight: 23 kg