Pro-Ject MC Step Up Box DS3 MC-muuntaja


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Premium Step Up muuntaja balansoidulla rakenteella. 

Made In Europe.

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939,00 €


Use the single-ended RCA, or go balanced with the XLR in- and outputs and benefit from a low noise interference free signal transmission. Switch the in- and outputs via the push buttons on the front. Additionally, you can set the gain level either on 24dB or 30dB.

As there is no amplification, the MC Step Up Box DS3 B has a remarkable noise performance and a very low level of distortion. The sound with a Step-Up Transformer will be more lively, dynamic and natural.


For the MC Step Up Box DS3 B we use high quality Lundahl LL 1678 audio transformers to ensure every detail remains.

Balanced XLR

Interference free

A balanced connection can extract the final musical information, effectively filtering out any noise from interferences stemming from our noisy, modern homes.

Lundahl LL 1678

High quality transformers

Lundahl transformers ensure highest sound quality and that every detail of your record remains.


Match your cartridge

Switch the in- and output & adjust the gain on the front. The cartridge impedance can be set on the back with a push of a button.