Pro-Ject Connect It LS S2 3m kaiutinkaapeli setti

Laadukas valmis Pro-Ject kaiutinkaapeli, banaaniliittimillä (4 kpl).

Pituus 3m.

99,00 €


Solid Core technology "Made in Austria" for maximum sound pleasure!

• 4 wire speaker cable

• Solid core technology

• High purity oxygen-free copper (HP-OFC)

• Circular array geometry

• Low distortion level, neutral sound

• Suitable for Fullrange and Bi-wiring

• Ideal in combination with Box Design components

• Made in Austria

Connect it LS is a high quality speaker cable, consisting of four 0,96mm² Solid Core conductors with circular array geometry. Each of the four conductors consists of high-purity oxygen free copper (HP-OFC).

Manufacturing is done in a complex processing with a long cool-down period and accurate twisting of the single cores. Best possible purity of copper and dielectric guarantees a real reference cable design.

In contrast to conventional litz speaker cables, where electrical, mechanical and magnetic interaction between single cores lead to distortion and sound degradation, Connect-it LS avoids all errors of this kind by using solid core-technology and best material.

Pro-Ject Connect it LS offers ultra-low distortion and a clear, open, homogenic and neutral sound presentation.

Hint "burn-in": A special effect of interaction between conductor and dielectric in speaker cables is showing up, that often is described as "dry sound". After a playing period the acoustic quality will loose this "dry" character and be vivid and fluent. All high quality cables like "Connect-it LS" will sound a lot better after a burn-in period, compared to totally new condition!