Pro-Ject Amp Box S3 päätevahvistin

Pienikokoinen stereo päätevahvistin moneen käyttöön. 2 x 23 W, trigger kaukokäynnistys 

Valitse variaatio:

329,00 €


Kompakti ja monipuolinen päätevahvistin

• Ultra compact & audiophile

• Advanced amplifier module

• Stereo input (RCA)

• Isolated speaker sockets

• Suitable for Banana/Spade/Pin/bare wire

• Trigger input

• Trigger output for further Amp Box S3

• Metal casing protects against vibration and interference

• On/Off front-sided

• Available in black and silver

The new Amp Box S3 offers one stereo RCA input and delivers powerful and room-filling sound to every loudspeaker. The new PCB concept & sophisticated topology achieves less distortion and a better signal to noise ratio.

We designed this amp to match the sound characteristics of a tube amplifier as close as possible. Amp Box S3 brings you a rich and musical sound with an analogue touch of warmth into your living room. It is also the perfect solution for your desktop nearfield monitor speakers due to its size and superior spacious sound stage.

If you want to use a bi- or tri-amplification setup, you can use the trigger outputs to connect further power amplifiers.

Application examples:

  • HiFi Amplifier for 10-15 m2 rooms
  • Audiophile desktop nearfield monitor amp
  • Streamer power amp upgrade
  • Multiroom power amp solution
  • Home cinema power amp upgrade
  • In-wall or celing speaker amp

Outstanding quality made in Europe!

Amp Box S3 comes in a simple luxurious design with a

stable housing made of aluminium, which effectively protects

against interferences and vibrations! With its clean

and beautiful finish Amp Box S3 will fit into every HiFi

setup. If your setup requires the amp to be hidden, it is

easily done due to its small size.

The new Amp Box S3 is designed and produced in Europe

and is available in a black & silver finish.

Tekniset tiedot:

Power output: 2 x 23 W / 40 W at 8 ohms / 4 ohms Peak power: 2 x 50 W at 4 ohms

Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz (- 0,7dB / 4 ohms)

Channel separation: > -68 dB @ 20kHz

Signal-to-noise ratio: 87dBV (100dBV-'A' weighted)/ 4ohms

THD: < 0,02% @ 10W / 4 ohmsGain: 31 dB

Input 1 pair: RCA sockets

Input impedance: 25 kohm

Speaker sockets: 4mm Ø Banana, spades. pins or bare wire

Trigger 12V DC: In&Out, 2-pole jack socket Ø 2,5mm

Power supply: 20V/3A DC (universal power supply)

Dimensions W x H x D: 103 x 36 x 118mm

Weight: 385g without power supply