Pro-Ject A2 -levysoitin

Täysautomaattinen Pro-Ject levysoitin AUTOMAT 2. Valmistettu käsityönä Saksassa, Ortofon 2M Red äänirasia, kelluva apurunko.

väri: musta

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The A2 continues the success of our fully mechanical automatic turntables. With the A2, you can now select the drop off point for 7" (singles) or 12" (LPs) for 45 RPM records. We have also added 78 RPM to the system allowing you to dig back into old shellac collections. To enjoy listening to your A2, just press start and the tonearm automatically moves to the lead in groove of the record. Once playing, the automatics are completely taken out of the equation.

And because the automatics are working entirely mechanically – no additional electronics needed – they truly do not influence or degrade sound quality during playback! At the end of the record, the tonearm is automatically brought back and gently lowered into its resting position and the motor shut off.

Why sub-chassis?

Automatic turntables have many small mechanical parts, which means you need more hollow space in the chassis to fit them. Hollow spaces are the biggest problem as they always reinforce resonances. By using a sub-chassis, you decouple the tonearm and drive from the chassis. In other words, a sub-chassis is a MUST for automatic turntables and enables them to reach excellent sound performance.

Floating sub-chassis

The A2 employs a sub-chassis construction, where the tonearm, platter bearing and motor are mounted onto a separate floating sub-chassis. This isolates all the most critical turntable elements further and adds an extra layer of protection against outside noise, resonances and interference. This has especially big advantages, when your loudspeakers are very close to the turntable.

Pro-Ject Design Philosophy

Adding Pro-Ject designs and ideas, we have spent a lot of time on the A2's clean design language. You will see similarities to iconic designs of the German audio industry. Today, we believe that this minimalistic approach is very much modern again.

Tekniset tiedot:

Nopeudet: 33, 45 ja 78 rpm (sähköinen nopeudenvaihto)

Vetotapa: Hihnaveto, täysautomaattinen

Max. nopeuspoikkeama: 33: +- 0.27%, 45: +- 0.22%

Huojunta ja värinä: 33: +- 0.14%. 45: +- 0.12%

Levylautanen: vaimennettu alumiinia

Häiriöetäisyys: 74 dB

Äänivarsi: Alumiinia, pituus 8.3", ultrakevyt

Äänivarren tehollinen pituus: 211 mm

Overhang: 19.5 mm

Paino netto: 7.3 kg (paketissa 10 kg)

Mitat (lxkxs): 430 x 150 x 365 mm

Virrankulutus: 1.5W max

Väri: satiinimusta

Mukana toimitettavat tarvikkeet: Virtalähde 15V DC/800 mA, pölykansi, 7" sinkkuadapteri, huopamatto, rca liitäntäkaapeli