GamuT Di 150 -integroitu vahvistin, käytetty laite


Asiakkaalta vaihdossa tullut, järeä integroitu vahvistin. 

Made in Denmark.

2x180W / 8 ohm

Läpikuultava, dynaaminen, hyvin erotteleva ääni.

Mukana kauko-ohjain, virtajohto  ja käyttöohjeet. 

Ei alkuperäistä laatikkoa.

Mielellään nouto. Voin myös toimittaa sopimuksen mukaan.

3 350,00 € 10 000,00 €

GamuT Di150 Dual Mono Integrated Amplifier

Power and Control:

It's really simple. With the sonic and technological heritage from our top range, this integrated amplifier is bound to take your breath away. The design, the price tag and the reviews of this thing are all nice and friendly, but the performance is awesome with a true-to-concert power potential and a frightening grip on all aspects of the musical experience.


Two balanced and four unbalanced input and a home theater inputs option, that enables the Di150 to be used with a surround processor. It will put an end to compromise and deliver the same renowned high end
quality sound in your front speakers, as you have when listening in stereo.
To complete this versatile amplifier we equipped it with both balanced and unbalanced line outputs, allowing further external power amplifiers for bi-amping or mulitroom application. The GamuT speciality; the single Mos Fet output stage built around industrial transistors capable of more than 400 amps!
The power supply of this discreetly looking amplifier is made with fast delivery and high bandwidth in mind. With approx. 1000Watts of transformers and four beer can sized capacitors with a total of 64.000uF in capacity, this direct wire-connected supply is the oversized heart of the beast.

Tekniset tiedot:

Continuous output power: 2 x 180 @ 8 ohm 2 x 380 @ 4 ohm
Frequence response: 20-25kHz +/- 0.1dB
Noise level: 100dBA below 100W @ 8 ohms
THD (1kHz): >0.05%
Speaker load: >1.5 Ohms
Input impedances: Balanced inputs 40kOhms
Idle power consumption: 100 Watt
Shipping weight: 32 kg

"Danish high-end audio manufacturer GamuT does things differently and apparently that works. GamuT's entry level integrated amp, the Di150 is a true dual mono, from input to output stage and with a modestly stated 180 watts in 8ohms. But more importantly it uses only one huge, industrial strength Mosfet for each channel in the output stage. Conventional solid-state amps use many output transistors. But it is GamuT's contention that it's impossible to perfectly match several transistors, resulting in added distortion. Using only one Mosfet eliminates that discord and after listening to the Di150 we agree."