final ZE3000 -langattomat nappikuulokkeet


Uusi True Wireless -nappikuuloke audiofiilitason äänenlaadulla ja huippuluokan ominaisuuksilla.

Valitse variaatio:

149,00 €

  • Tekniset tiedot:

  • Käyttöperiaate: In ear
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • Tuetut koodekit: SBC, AAC, Qualcomm® aptX™, aptX™ Adaptive
  • Jopa 7 tunnin akunkesto (35 tuntia kotelon kanssa)
  • Kuulokkeiden latausaika: 1.5 tuntia
  • Latauskotelon latausaika: 2 tuntia
  • Akun kapasiteetti: Kuulokkeet 35 mAh / Latauskotelo 300 mAh
  • Vedenkestävä rakenne (IPX4)
  • Pakkauksessa: ZE3000-kuulokkeet, latauskotelo, korvasovitteet (SS/S/M/L/LL), USB-C -latauskaapeli

A new classic audiophile-grade truly wireless earbuds with its sound designed based on the latest research results in acoustic engineering and psychoacoustics.

The ZE3000 takes its name from the E3000, the brand's most widely recognized wired earphones, which have sold hundreds of thousands of units since its launch in 2017 and have won an unprecedented ten consecutive Gold medals at Japan's largest audio awards, the VGP. At the time of the E3000's launch, most earphones in the same price range were designed to make an impactful impression at first listen, with an ostentatious sound that emphasizes both the low and the high frequencies. In contrast, we've chosen to create a natural sound that does not purposely emphasize any frequencies for the E3000, but to create a sound which is pleasant to be listened to based on scientific knowledge of acoustic engineering and psychoacoustics. It is not designed to bring an impactful surprise at first listen, but it is designed to allow you to concentrate on enjoying your music, and as a result, it's been highly praised by end users, especially on social media, and eventually has become the absolute reference at the segment. When we started to design the ZE3000, without a doubt, we set our goal to surpass the sound quality of the E3000. However, it would be difficult to achieve the same sound quality in truly wireless earbuds as in a wired earphones due to several limitations.

Newly Designed Driver "f-Core for Wireless" to Realize Ultra-Low Distortion

Today, distortion in superior audio equipment, such as amplifiers and DACs is extremely low which is around 0.0001%. In contrast, even in superior earphones, the distortion generated by the driver unit (speaker part) inside earphones is normally more than 3% in the low-frequency range. In other words, there is over 30,000 times more distortion occurs in the process of converting electrical signals into sound in the driver unit (speaker part) of earphones. If we could reduce this distortion significantly, the sound quality would improve dramatically. That's why we've reviewed every aspect from the manufacturing process in order to realize "f-Core for Wireless", a newly designed driver unit that achieves ultra-low distortion. The result is that all the fine details of each note are revealed and even the decay of reverberation can be heard all the way through to the end, with the breadth of the musical space felt.

"f-LINK Damping System" to Optimize Internal Pressure of the Acoustic Chamber

The ZE3000 features a new "f-LINK Damping System" that optimizes the pressure in the acoustic space inside the earbuds housing to create a sound equivalent to wired earphones without the need for external vents. This makes it possible to properly control the low frequencies that were difficult to achieve with the sound quality design of truly wireless earbuds, and reproduce vocals that tend to be far away in the balance intended by the artist. In addition, even in low-frequency reproduction such as drum kicks and bass lines, combined with the ultra-low distortion of the driver unit, we have achieved high quality that allows you to feel the fine and detailed expression of the bass range.

Compatible with aptX™ Adaptive for High Quality Sound and Low Latency

Compatible with a wide range of iPhone and Android devices and easy to pair. In addition to the SBC and AAC, it also supports the uninterrupted, high-quality aptX™. It also supports 48kHz/24bit wireless transmission using the Qualcomm® aptX™ Adaptive.

Ear Tips that Realize Ultimate Wearing Comfort

5 sizes of final newly designed "TYPE E Truly Wireless Exclusive Edition" ear tips are included as accessories. Generally speaking, many competing ear tips are shaped in such a manner that puts strong pressure deep in the ear canal which causes pain and fatigue after wearing them for a long time. The new "TYPE E Truly Wireless Exclusive Edition" ear tips are a type that fit softly into the entrance of the ear canal, and so there is no sensation of a foreign object. By minimizing the sensation of fit itself, we have achieved the "Supreme Highest Sensation of Fit". Moreover, because the core color of adjacent sizes is different (ZE3000 Black : alternating between dark grey and light grey, ZE3000 White : alternating between clear and white), it has become easy to distinguish between sizes. There are 5 sizes provided which are SS / S / M / L / LL. In addition, since these earbuds are often attached slightly shallowly at the entrance of the ear canal, the L size ear tips are attached by default.

Convenient Touch Media Control

The ZE3000 supports touch operation, so you can easily operate music play / stop / volume up / volume down / next track / previous track and call / end call. The touch point is on the triangle-like surface on the faceplate of the earbuds (the side where the logo is not printed), and this design is to avoid erroneous operation when wearing it.

IPX4 Water Resistance

The IPX4 Water Resistance rating makes ZE3000 suitable for sports and active lifestyles. Rapidly changing weather conditions will not stop you from enjoying your favorite music or other entertainment contents.

Auto Pairing Function

Equipped with an "Auto Pairing" function that connects automatically to the paired device just by opening the lid of the charging case. You can listen to music as soon as you wear the earbuds. Also, when the earbud is stored in the charging case and the lid is closed, the power is automatically turned off, so you can rest assured that you will not forget to turn off the power.

Single Ear Mode

Simply return one earbud to the case and the music will automatically switch to "Single Ear Mode" without interruption. In "Single Ear Mode", stereo playback is switched to monaural playback* so you can enjoy music with one ear without any discomfort. This is useful when you want to enjoy music without shutting out external sounds, such as listening to music with one ear while cooking.
*Monaural playback is a method in which the left and right audio signal are combined together and played from one earbud. Only connection with SBC / AAC codec support monaural playback.