Episode Mega S aktiivinen 8″ auto EQ subwoofer, musta

879,00 €


Episode® MEGA S Series 8″ Sealed Subwoofer with 120W Amplifier (Matte Black). Class D BASH technology; Automatic Room EQ; IP control; Built in wireless receiver; Easy Configuration through Bluetooth.

ES-SUB-MEGA-S8-BLK - The MEGA subwoofer line is a high-performance compact series that takes up minimal space. These powerful theater-grade smart subs give dealers elite bass with maximum profitability and the latest features: wireless capabilities for install flexibility, IP control for auto on/off, and a companion app that lets both users and dealers perfect EQ settings for optimal sound. These subs also use Automatic Room EQ to deliver deep, refined bass by analyzing room acoustic properties and automatically applying EQ settings for maximum performance.
Key specs:
Frequency Response: 30-250Hz
Power: 120W RMS, 240W peak
Woofer: 8" Single Active
Audio inputs: XLR, RCA, Speaker
Dimensions: 360.7 x 320 x 322.6mm
Weight: 11,4 kg
Ethernet: Yes
Controls via app: Volume, Preset EQModes, Low Pass, Phase, Parametric EQ, Delay, Auto On/Off, Automatic EQ/Calibration
Color: Black