Crescendo Evolution 9S3 3-tie erillissarja

High-End erillissarja parasta äänenlaatua etsivälle.

Vahvistinsuositus 75-150W

EMMA Asia voittaja v. 2018 !

1,429.00 €
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Product Info:

Crescendo Evolution 9S3 is a 3 way speaker that works in the range of 75 Watt - 150 Watt and sounds superbly natural with absolutely minimal distortion. The appearance is trendy with a combination of white and carbon finish.

Evolution 9S3 is the winner of EMMA Asia King of Sound 2018 among 350 cars competing in 7 Asia countries.

Some modern features of Evolution 9S3 as follows:

Very seldom used underhung and neodymium magnet inside voice coil with copper shorting ring throughout all drivers (tweeter, midrange, and woofer). This is very costly but in turns it will pay off a superbly natural sound with absolutely minimal distortion.

Tweeter size is 25 mm (1") with soft fabric dome cone for the most neutral sound. Tweeter motor system consist of powerful neodymium magnet, which is 8 times more powerful than conventional Ferrite magnet, for reproduction of dynamic sound.

Tweeter has ventilation at the back to reduce heavy wave density behind the cone with chamber at the back and furthermore it has concave pole piece that acts as a diffuser to produce sound with very minimal distortion. The back chamber is made from aluminium with carbon finish.

Tweeter applies our patented industrial design for the front chamber which controls the phase and dispersion of the tweeter so the sound reproduced is focus and natural. The front chamber is made from aluminium with carbon finish.

Tweeter is equipped with pure silver OCC (Ohno Continuous Casting), the highest grade of cable that can be produced nowadays, as a part of the sound tuning.

Technical Info:

Minimum impedance: 8 Ohm

Frequency response: 63 Hz - 20 kHz

Power Demand: 75 - 150 Watt

Cosmetic appearance: Black alloy

Package accessories: Nickel plated screws

Tweeter cone size: 25 mm

Tweeter cone material: Soft fabric dome

Tweeter magnet: Neodymium

Tweeter motor design: Concave pole, Copper ring, Underhung

Tweeter chassis: 2 sided, Aluminum, Patented design

Tweeter accessories: Silver OCC 8N cable

Midrange size: 3 inch

Midrange voice coil: 31 mm

Midrange cone material: Coated paper

Midrange surround material: Butyl rubber

Midrange magnet: 30 mm x 7 mm, Neodymium

Midrange motor design: Copper ring, Magnet inside voice coil, Underhung

Midrange chassis: Ported, Solid die cast aluminum

(Mid)woofer size: 177 mm (7 inch)

(Mid)woofer voice coil: 64 mm

(Mid)woofer cone material: Coated paper

(Mid)woofer surround material: Butyl rubber

(Mid)woofer magnet: 52 x 9 mm, Neodymium

(Mid)woofer motor design: Copper ring, Pure kickbass, Underhung

(Mid)woofer chassis: Ported, Solid die cast aluminum