Crescendo Evolution 3S 2 6,9"- erillissarja

Laadukas 2-tie erillissarja jakosuotimilla.

Valurunkoiset elementit, 

599.00 €

Product info:

Evolution 3S2 is rare great performance 2 way car audio speaker as claimed by Janne Soilakari from Finland Autosound magazine. Sound characteristic is a correction of the mistakes in the recording, providing a pleasant music throughout any recording and the tweeter is very clear and straight forward. Janne Soilakari gives listening rating 9 out of 10. Evolution 3S2's passive crossover uses Europe and USA component with 100% hand picked to design value, with zero tolerance, so that customer can hear the same thing as Evolution 3S2 designer. Bi-wire (2 input) for separate time alignment and gain between tweeter and midwoofer perfecting the design of Evolution 3S2.

Minimum impedance: 4 Ohm

Frequency response: 63 Hz - 20 kHz

Power Demand: 50 - 100 Watts

Cosmetic appearance: Satin aluminum

Package accessories: ABS tweeter pod, Nickel plated screws

Tweeter cone size: 25 mm

Tweeter cone material: Soft fabric dome

Tweeter magnet: Neodymium

Tweeter motor design: Concave pole, Ported pole, Underhung

Tweeter chassis: Aluminum, Patented design

Tweeter accessories: Silver plated copper 4N cable

(Mid)woofer size: 177 mm (7 inch)

(Mid)woofer voice coil: 31 mm

(Mid)woofer cone material: Polypropylene

(Mid)woofer surround material: Butyl rubber

(Mid)woofer magnet: 90 x 15 mm, Ferrite

(Mid)woofer motor design: Overhung

(Mid)woofer chassis: Ported, Solid die cast aluminum

Tweeter attenuation: 3 attenuation, Full L-pad

Passive x-over design: Bi - wire (2 input), Impedance compensation

Passive x-over component: 0% tolerance, 1 mm inductor, 

Hand picked, USA & Europe brand